17 June 2010

Who else needs a Bloody Mary?

Irrational Fear #1


Why do we hear so many bad things about mirrors?

I got told when I was a kid that if you stare at yourself in the mirror for too long a big fat lady jumps out of the mirror and slaps you in the face for being vain. Then of course, there's Bloody Mary, who will scratch your eyeballs out just for saying her name, seems a tad unreasonable, but hey, that's girls for ya right?! Pft. Anywho, you've got Michael Jackson telling you to listen to the man in the mirror, Mr. Susan going on about his mirror balls, you break a mirror and you'll get seven years bad luck.

Actually, the episode of Supernatural with Bloody Mary scared me so much that I could barely look in the mirror. With the look that I had going on, thank god no one recognised me during that phase, what with the birdsnest that had replaced my hair, a mess so epic it probably would have scared Bloody Mary herself.

Maybe this is why I hate going to the hair dresser. Not the birdsnest, the fact that you have to sit there and stare at yourself.

What the fuck is it about mirrors that scare us?? I feel like even just bringing up Bloody Mary, I'm going to have freakin' nightmares. BRING IT MARY. Your birdsnest ain't got nothing on mine.

P.S. I couldn't bring myself to post a picture of Bloody Mary, so you get the cocktail, which looks mighty tasty.

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Anonymous said...

Haha you are too cute...