27 August 2011

Anchor Baby

She tried looking happy
she tried looking tragic,
she tried astral projecting,
sex, and black magic.

As she went to the bottom,
not fulfilling her wish,
it was her, and her baby ...
and a few scattered fish.

18 July 2011

24 June 2011

Born to be Wild & Wear Converse.

Here's a few different prints I made from an intaglio plate I made yesterday at uni. Had heaps of fun doing them and thought they turned out pretty sweet.

21 April 2011

Testing the Waters.

Messin' about with Tea, Indian Ink & Watercolours. Trying to get a feel for 'em before my next Illustration assignment is due.

25 March 2011

She died with a record in her hand.

Drybrushed hand & record player I did for my Illustration paper.

Some bits look slightly funky, but I'm cool with it.

15 March 2011

Loved for too long.

Moodboard for a website I'm designing for my Digital Interactive Design class:

(Click to see actual size.)

11 March 2011

These Here Hands.

I drew chris' hand yesterday in my Illustration class, annnd considering I'm not a great drawer, I was pretty excited about this one:

Drawn from this photo:

07 February 2011

She says her name is Goldie.

Made these Sin City pictures into vector images this afternoon in Illustrator for a t-shirt. Pretty stoked.